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Søker bolig for 3 personer fra 01.07.2023

Ønsket bolig

  • Boligtype Leilighet, Hus
  • Beliggenhet Oslo


  • Antall3 personer
  • Maks leie33 000,-
  • LeieperiodeLangtidsleie
  • Fra dato01.07.2023

Om leietaker

  • Studiestatus Ikke student
  • Jobbstatus Fulltidsjobb
  • Utdannelse PhD in Interaction Design
  • Arbeid Associate Prof of Design at AHO (Oslo School of Architecture and Design)
  • LinkedIn LinkedIn profil
  • Renslighet Veldig ryddig
  • Festvaner Fester sjelden
  • Interesser Arts, Cooking, Design, Hiking, Music, Theat

Utfyllende informasjon

Seeking a Smart and Fun-Filled Flat for Three Fabulous Professors!

Dear Potential Landlords, Landladies and everything between and beyond,

Greetings from Nadja, Enrique and Camilo! As professors at the university (AHO - Oslo School of Architecture and Design and UiO - University of Oslo), we are not only passionate about expanding young minds but also about finding a comfortable and vibrant place to call home.

We pride ourselves on being tidy and considerate individuals. While we value our peace and quiet, we also appreciate the occasional gathering with friends. Rest assured, our gatherings are more inclined towards enlightening discussions and engaging movie nights rather than parties.

What we are looking for is more than just a place to rest our heads; we envision a warm and welcoming home that will inspire us in our academic pursuits.

If our description resonates with you and you think we would be an ideal match for your flat, we would be delighted to meet and discuss the possibilities further. We are eager to bring our unique personalities, love for learning, and zest for life to a new home that will reflect our shared values.

Thank you for considering us as potential tenants. We look forward to hearing from you soon and embarking on this exciting journey together!

With anticipation and warm regards,

Enrique, Camilo, and Nadja

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